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Bible Reading Plans for the New Year.


I told the people of FBC Groves yesterday morning that I would post some bible reading plans today.  The one that was passed out yesterday morning is a solid plan, but it may not be the right fit for everyone.  If you are interested in checking out some alternatives, I am listing a handful of solid bible reading plans so that you can find one that fits.

*Side note: Matt Smethurst has written an excellent article on “How to not Read Your Bible this Year.” It will give you a good foundation to begin any of these bible reading plans.

Before I give you some plans that others have created, I want to tell you how I read through the Bible every year.  It’s quite simple, I begin in Genesis and I read 5 chapters a day through the book of Revelation.  This usually takes me about 3/4 of a year.  It allows me to help get a grasp of how the Canon (collection and order of books in the bible) flows.  It’s very straightforward with absolutely no papers to keep track and it keeps my focus on books of the bible.

Bible Reading Plans:

  • Two -Year Bible Reading Plan: Stephen Witmer has created this bible reading plan which has you read through  one book of the Bible at a time (along with a daily reading from the Psalms or Proverbs). At the end of two years you will have read through the Psalms and Proverbs four times and the rest of the Bible once.
  • Murray-McCheyne Plan: For the person who prefers to read on their smartphone, tablet, or computer…you can follow the Robert Murray-McCheyne plan from the Gospel Coalition.  This plan will not only take you through the bible in a year, but will also provide commentary on the passage courtesy of New Testament scholar DA Carson.
  • Chronological Plan: Do you ever wonder, “when was all this stuff happening?” Well, I have used a Chronological bible plan before and it was immensely helpful to figuring out the timeline of the bible.
  • The Bible-Eater Plan: This is a brand new bible reading plan.  I have not used it, but those who have started reading through the bible using this plan seemed to be encouraged and challenged by it.
  • The Bible Plan for Slackers: Not only does this plan have an online component where you can keep track of your reading plan, but it it takes away the pressure (and guilt) of “keeping up” with the entire Bible in one year. You get variety within the week by alternating genres by day, but also continuity by sticking with one genre each day.

Regardless of what “plan” you choose, reading through the bible this year would not merely be a good idea or a good choice, but it will be an opportunity for the Lord to nourish, encourage, and deepen your faith. Do you desire to know Christ more? Root yourself in his word.

(I need to footnote Justin Taylor for compiling these resources.  If I would have just posted a link to his blog, many of my followers would not have clicked it, but he did the work of collecting and linking these resources. For that, we are grateful.)

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